I wrote it in honor of the passing of a friends father, whom I never had the honor of meeting. We have shed our tattered timeline coat of winter and now the first blossoms have bloomed.

saying goodbye to a man i've never met
on a starry night in autumn
the leaves have begun their fall dance
as they scatter themselves across the wind
light and shape reflecting shadows of spring

listening to the flowers is a pastime of springtime
and now the petals come to rest one by one
as life returns to earth
and earth becomes the tattered timeline coat that keeps us warm through winter and reminds us of where we've been...
could it be that we've come all this way
still unaware that he will breathe again come the first blossoms
only to remind us not to say goodbye at all
but to whisper wishes into rosebuds
and breathe blessings to the bees
and to take each step with the grace
of life letting go